Raising Chickens

Raising Chickens in your backyard in the city or suburbs is a great way to build community.  The fresh eggs are a great food source and taste much better than a store bought egg!

You will need to know what to do through the various stages of their lives:

Bringing home the chicks - Chickens are resilient birds and can be brought home shortly after hatching!  The best time is usually in the spring.  Local feed stores are usually filled with baby chicks.  You will need to know about the care and feeding of baby chicks.

The young adult chicken- not as troublesome as your teenager but needs some guidance and good food and shelter.  They’ll be looking around for a place to roost and lay their eggs.

The egg layer is just that -the chickens that lay the eggs.  Eggs are everything!

And of course for your viewing entertainment …what would a site on chickens be without a video of a yodeling chicken herder…

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  1. You can also buy chickens online. I bought 10 chicks and they actually came alive right to more door step lol. WHo could have known?

  2. Evan says:

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  3. Aaron says:

    thought I’d pass this along….it’s from the Higher Education Channel in St. Louis–story about a chicken and animal swap meet in Waterloo, Illinois…feel free to link it to share it and/or link it to your website:


  4. The Environmental Law Institute has recently published my article, “Illegal Fowl: A Survey of Municipal Laws Relating to Backyard Poultry and a Model Ordinance for Regulating City Chickens.” This article is meant for city officials who are considering changing their ordinances to allow for backyard hens. The article gives a brief background on the benefits of backyard chickens, surveys the laws of the 100 most populous cities relating to chickens, and offers a model ordinance for cities to adopt or amend. You can access the article for free on the Social Science Research Network. The link is


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